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There is no more need to use the enormous,
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when all you need is just a piece
of your lab space!

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Features of our ATO Ultrasonic Metal Atomizer for Metal Atomization

key features

Do it in your own laboratory

Fit the ATO family atomizer in your lab! Designed to overcome workspace limitations, it works in typical lab environments without requiring complicated infrastructure and has low maintenance costs.

Speed up material development

Don't waste time getting powder! Our ultrasonic atomizers produce high-quality metal powders in just 1 day, with low oxygen content, high particle sphericity and excellent flowability.

High quality metal powder

ATO technology enables quick production of high-quality metal powders with narrow particle size distribution, excellent sphericity & homogeneity. The result: high flowability for smooth 3D metal printing.

Flexible solution

ATO processes a range of reactive & non-reactive alloys (steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel-based and many more). Ideal for commercial & research needs. Give yourself the freedom to experiment with different materials.

Compact size & low maintenance

Reduce costs and quickly optimize your processes with custom powders. We reduced the size of the metal powder atomizer while maintaining its functionality. ATO has lower media consumption and a cost-effective process.

Choose a reasonable price

ATO atomizers are the ideal choice for materials engineering, metal powder manufacturing and research facilities, providing tech-advanced and unique solutions at an affordable price.

150+ atomized
alloys in our lab

and countless atomized by our customers

During the development of ATO atomizers, we realized that the current market selection of metal powders is extremely limited, providing inadequate options for potential customers.
The large output powders produced by currently available technologies are also difficult to justify for small laboratories, R&D departments, or research units. Our intensive development work focused on optimizing the laboratory-use atomization process, resulting in successful production of reactive and non-reactive powders on a smaller, self-sufficient scale.

Designed for
a wide range
of industries

Metal powders are widely used in various industries, including additive manufacturing, metallurgy, and coatings. The Particle Size Distribution (PSD) of metal powders plays a crucial role in determining the final properties of the end product.
Our metal powder atomizers offer the flexibility to produce powders with different particle size distributions to meet the specific needs of your industry.

50+ Customers
around the globe

Join our list of smart users and experience the quality and reliability of our ultrasonic metal powder atomizers. With a track record of serving a wide range of industries, we have earned the trust of our customers who rely on us for their critical applications.

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Find your technology

Metal powders are a crucial part of numerous technologies, such as additive manufacturing (AM), thermal spray coatings, powder metallurgy and many others. Depending on the application and the properties needed from the powder, different metals may have different requirements for the metal powders used in these technologies.

* The diagrams show actual atomization results of 316L stainless steel using various ultrasonic frequency systems. Results may vary based on feed materials, properties, spray parameters, process conditions and other variables.
ATO Lab Plus 2oneLab 2create 3D metal printer

Combo solution

Get ATO Lab Plus ultrasonic metal atomizer
& 2Create 3D Metal Printer in one package

Through our partnership with 2OneLab, we offer a complete manufacturing solution that combines the ATO Lab Plus ultrasonic metal powder atomizer with the 2Create 3D metal printer. This powerful combo enables the production of high-quality metal parts with complex geometries and excellent mechanical properties.

The 2Create printer uses laser sintering technology and works seamlessly with the ATO Lab Plus atomizer to provide precise control over metal powder feedstock and optimal printing conditions. The 2Build software makes it easy to plan and optimize experiments with statistical design of experiments (DoE), a CAM module, image analysis and automatic determination of best operating parameters. This is made possible by open access to printer parameters.
The technology is ideal for precision applications in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.