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Induction Melting System

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Induction Melting System (IMS) is an optional and easy-to-swap module designed to increase the capabilities of the ATO ultrasonic metal atomizers.

Ato Induction Melting System
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Dedicated for ultrasonic atomization, this device powders metals and alloys into a fine, homogenous powder. It's designed to atomize materials with irregular shape feedstock and minimize evaporation of low melting point elements. Ideal for both research labs and Additive Manufacturing centers, it enhances daily operations.

Broaden the spectrum of materials you manage, research new ones, scale your powder production, and achieve higher atomization yields.

The IMS module enhances your capabilities and eliminates restrictions on material forms. It provides flexibility enabling you to choose the process best for your demands, whatever you want the flexibility of a crucible or the simple setup of rod feeders.


Optional and easy-to-swap module for ATO ultrasonic metal atomizers

Increased atomization productivity - process efficiency is significantly higher than a standard configuration

Precise temperature measuring system

Superior Material Purity

Freedom to use both crucibles and rod feeders

Ideal for material recovery

Easy to use by a single operator

Standard crucibles with a volume of 200 cm3 - larger crucibles on request