Our technology

ATO technology uses ultrasonic vibrations to break a molten metal into small droplets that quickly solidify into metal powder under an inert gas protective atmosphere. The size of the metal powder produced is affected by the ultrasonic frequency used, with higher frequencies producing smaller particles and lower frequencies producing larger particles. Other factors that affect particle size and distribution include viscosity, density, ultrasonic amplitude and atomizer design.
The process of ultrasonic atomization of metal powder using the atomizer with ATO technology involves feeding raw material into the pressurized atomization chamber where an electric arc is created to melt the material. Ultrasonic vibrations are transmitted through a sonotrode to the molten metal bath, forming capillary waves that eject metal droplets with a diameter that depends on the ultrasonic frequency, surface tension, and density of the liquid metal. The droplets are ejected into a cooled stream of argon gas and rounded into near-perfect spheres by surface tension. The droplets then cool and solidify before being sorted and collected.

Our ultrasonic metal powder atomizers

Lab Plus

reactive and
non-reactive metals
low waste
open atomization

ATO Lab Plus is an innovative device designed to produce high-quality metal powders for additive manufacturing applications. This atomizer is capable of producing a wide range of both reactive and non-reactive metal powders, including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, and other alloys. This makes it an incredibly versatile tool that can be used in a variety of applications across multiple industries.
In terms of usability, the ATO Lab Plus features an intuitive control system with a user-friendly interface, along with the precise control over parameters. Operators can easily adjust parameters to achieve optimal powder properties for their specific needs. This ease of use makes the ATO Lab Plus an ideal tool for research and development as well as industrial-scale production. The system is also equipped with a number of safety features, including a cooling water monitoring system, automatic gas shut-off valves, and emergency stop buttons.


precious metals
maximum material
parameters dedicated
under precious metals

ATO Noble is an ultrasonic metal powder atomizer with the same basic features as ATO Lab Plus, but modified to work with precious metals and produce high quality precious metal powders. It responds to customer needs for economical atomization of expensive and rare metal alloys. Since there are no limitations on the minimum load and the system is easy to change to another material, the cost effectiveness and freedom of the atomization process are assured.
The ATO Noble is specifically designed to produce precious metals such as
gold, silver, platinum, etc. with high productivity and efficiency. ATO Noble uses Zero Loss Technology which reduces material waste to an absolute minimum. We have achieved this by creating a specially adapted filtration system and a closed loop of gas circulation. Innovative system allows recovery of valuable materials for reuse with a single click of a button.