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There is no more need to use the enormous,
wildly expensive atomizing sites
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speed up new material development

Ordering the powder is usually expensive and time-consuming procedure. Getting a new alloy in the powder form is exceptionally difficult and often takes more than one year. Don't waste any more time queuing for your powder! Our innovative metal powder ultrasonic atomizer ATO Lab+ enables a successful production of both reactive and non-reactive powders with a narrow particle size distribution on a smaller scale. Get your high-quality metal powders with extremely low oxygen content, high particle sphericity and excellent flowability in 1 day!

do it in your own lab

Fit the metal powder atomizer in your lab, doesn’t it sound crazy? ATO Lab+ is designed by industry-oriented Team aiming to overcome work-space limitations. ATO Lab+ has a compact form, making it possible to comfortably use even in restricted spaces. It works perfeckty in a typical laboratory environent. Along with its innovative technology and no requirements for sophisticated infrastructure, it ensures exceptionally low operating costs and quick return on the investment (ROI).

do it reasonable price

ATO Lab’s compact size and unique, solutions allowed 3D Lab to offer a highly competitive price of the device. It’s a technologically advanced and cost-attractive machine for materials engineering and reserach companies, metal powder manufacturers and research institutions.


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Flexible solution

Discover, develop, test and characterize breakthrough metal powders in additive manufacturing, hot isostatic pressing and conventional powder metallurgy. ATO can process a wide range of both reactive and non-reactive alloys, such as steel-, aluminum-, titanium-, nickel-based and many more – even highly specialized ones. Perfect both for commercial and research needs.

powder quality

ATO Lab+ allows you to quickly produce high quality metal powders. Due to the ordered nature of the ultrasonic atomization process, the output powder has a very narrow particle size distribution, closely depending on the chosen ultrasound frequency. Powder produced by the ATO shows supreme sphericity and homogeneous structure which is reflected in a high flowability - so important for smooth and quality 3D metal printing.

compact size & low maintenance

Cut your costs and rapidly optimize your process with powders tailored to your commercial or research needs. In comparison with currently available atomization technologies, ATO has considerably lower media consumption. This cost-effective process is not only smooth and rapid, but also attractive from economic point of view.


ATO Technology


Our products

ATO Lab+

reactive and
non-reactive metals
low waste
open atomization

ATO Noble

maximum material
precious metals
parameters dedicated
under precious metals


Passivation Module

powder passivation module compatible with ATO Lab+

Ultrasonic cleaning system

compatible ultrasonic bath designed for easier cleaning of the key part of the ATO

Single rod feeding system

feeder for cast rods with a rough surface in a wide range of diameters

Wire feeding system

basic feeder designed for efficient and continuous wire atomization

Multi rod feeding system

feeder for many round bars in max. 1200mm length for higher capacity and easier use

Single rod feeding system 2

feeder adopted to the material in an individual shape


Using our experience in the field of AM technology, we know how important it is to be open to continuous improvement of technology in order to meet the needs and expectations of a dynamic market. Therefore, we are always looking for new comprehensive offers that include various feeders, an ultrasonic cleaning system, a passivation module etc. to ensure the customer a full turn-key solution in their laboratory. Thanks to our cooperation with 2OneLab we can provide a complete set for metal powder production by atomizer ATO and compatible 3D metal printer 2Create as a „Combo Solution”, thanks to which you are prepared for all possible development scenarios.


ATO Lab is a device intended for the use research in development in a range of powder metallurgy areas. Next generation ultrasonic atomizer allows for the production of exceptionally small minimal amounts of spherical powders with a very narrow particle size distribution, as well as obtaining significantly higher yields through continuous operation.

Even though the additive manufacturing field was the initial inspiration for the design of ATO Lab, the unique technology, allowing for the production of very small amounts of the output material and its high quality, the ATO powders can also be used with success in the following fields of interest:


laser powder bed fusion / selective laser melting

ATO Lab+ allows to obtain metal powders with a very narrow range of the best size 20-120 μm (most particles in range 30-60 μm) ideal for 3D metal printers. Our equipment enables to achieve a wide variety of powders from conventional metallic powders (Al, 316L steel) to refractory metals (Nb, Ta, Mo), HEA (CoCrFeMnNi) and even metallic glasses (zirconium BMG)


Directed Energy Deposition

Spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution of the powders, produced in ATO Lab+, allows to obtain materials with higher reproducibility of properties.

Brazing (soldering)

ATO Lab+ allows for the atomization of materials with a low melting point. Additionally stable grain distribution achieved in our process helps to establish a stable soldering process.

Powder spraying

Thanks to its high flowability, the powder produced in ATO Lab+ is perfectly suitable for the use in thermal spraying. Thanks to the flexibility of the process it is possible to obtain a multiple powder materials for a form graded layers or a blended mixture such as a hard-phase / soft-phase composite for the replacement of electroplated hard coatings.

Filters and foams

ATO LAB+ allows to obtain powders with very low spread of particle sizes which enables very high reproducibility of results.

Conventional powder metallurgy sintering

ATO Lab+ also simplifies research on the influence of alloying additions on the properties of conventionally produced sintered metal materials Spherical powders from ATO LAB + tend to provide higher packing, due to the ability to rearrange easily upon tapping or vibration.

Other powder metallurgy methods


Narrower range of particle size achieved in ATO LAB+ leads to better flowability and higher tensile strength and hardness. The flexibility of the process gives to opportunity to atomize multiple powders that can be later sintered.

Laser cladding

Similarly to thermal spraying, laser cladding also requires highly flowable spherical powders. High-speed laser cladding technologies require finer powders which can be achieved by ATO LAB+ with higher generator frequencies.


Established in 2007, 3D Lab has nearly 15 years of experience in 3D printing technologies. As a partner and distributor of well-known manufacturers of 3D printers, such as 3D Systems and Coherent, we soon understood the main obstacles in the further development of AM technologies. We made extensive investments in R&D and invented a solution to ensure the freedom of the atomization of new alloys. During FormNext 2017, we presented our first atomizer prototype - ATO One.

The first known metal atomization processes using widely applied technological solutions date back to the times of the First World War. Since then, these technologies have been undergoing significant changes which resulted in the improvement of their efficiency and versatility.
The implementation of a new ultrasound technology has allowed for enclosing of the whole atomization process in a compact device. From now, atomization can even be carried out at a laboratory scale to produce exceptionally low amounts of powder.
ATO technology is originally created for the Customers and developed on the basis of Users’ feedback. This feedback allows us to enhance the ATO technology to align with evolving needs and to fulfill our Customers expectations.

We are pushing the technology forward every day.


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