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The ATO Sieve is a compact, mobile, and user-friendly powder sieving station designed for metal Additive Manufacturing. With minimal space requirements, it seamlessly integrates into standard laboratory settings. This device facilitates swift and efficient sieving of small powder batches.

Ato Sieve

Our solution is designed to work in an inert gas atmosphere suitable for common reactive and non-reactive AM metal powders. Using the same ATO powder container allows for direct powder transfer from ATO atomizers inside the argon shield to the Sieve and prevents material from oxygen.

The application of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration prevents screen clogging and guarantees high throughput rates. Alongside screening, the ATO Sieve fills the powder container with inert argon gas to ensure optimal conditions.

The device features a user-friendly interface operated via a touch panel. Additionally, the system can be equipped with an oxygen sensor for enhanced functionality.


Sieving within argon atmosphere

The ability of the ATO Sieve to operate in an inert gas atmosphere can be particularly beneficial for reactive metal powders, helping to prevent oxidation and ensure high-quality powder.


The fact that the ATO Sieve is mobile means that it can be easily moved around a laboratory or production facility as needed, making it a versatile and convenient option for metal powder sieving.

Compact size and low space requirements

The compact size of the ATO Sieve means that it takes up minimal space in a laboratory or production facility, which can be particularly beneficial for smaller workspaces.

Ultrasonic Technology

The use of ultrasonic technology in the ATO Sieve helps prevent screen clogging and increases throughput rates, resulting in a more efficient and effective sieving process.

User-friendly interface

The touch panel with a user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate the ATO Sieve and customize settings as needed.


The ability to customize the ATO Sieve based on the final application of the powder and the equipment being used can help ensure that the sieving process is tailored to the specific needs of the production process.

Oxygen sensors

The availability of the advanced configuration with dedicated oxygen sensors can help ensure safety when working with reactive metal powders, providing an added layer of protection for workers and equipment.