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ATO Clean ultrasonic cleaner is a highly recommended solution for use with ATO series, offering an efficient and hands-free cleaning procedure for the atomizer components that come into contact with powder particles during the atomization process.

Ato Clean

This cleaning step is crucial for users looking to switch between different material groups for atomization. By removing any residual materials from the atomizer's components, it ensures the purity of the chemical composition of the produced powder.

The machine is specifically designed for cleaning the ATO series parts exposed to powder during the atomization stage, offering a convenient and effective cleaning. The cleaning chamber size is sufficient to process all the components at the same time in a single cleaning session.

The process parameters and ultrasonic technology have been fine-tuned to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning, reducing the overall cleaning time. Additionally, the double-filtration system effectively removes impurities and residues from the circulating water, preserving the cleaning properties of the liquid.


Efficient cleaning

The ATO Clean uses high-frequency sound waves to create microscopic bubbles that effectively remove contaminants from the surface of the process chamber and components involved in the atomization process. This results in a more efficient cleaning process compared to manual scrubbing.

Compatibility with ATO

The ATO Clean is fully compatible with ATO technology, ensuring that the cleaning process is optimized for the specific requirements of the ATO ultrasonic metal powder atomizer.

Removal of powder residue

The ATO Clean can effectively remove powder residues from the surface of metal parts, improving the overall quality of the atomization process.

Time-efficient process to clean all the components at once in less than 30 min

can save time compared to manual scrubbing, allowing for more efficient preparation of the atomizer to work with another alloy of your choice.


The ATO Clean to be easy to use, with simple controls and a user-friendly interface.

Improved Surface Finish

The Clean can remove contaminants from hard-to-reach areas of the metal parts, resulting in a more consistent and improved surface finish.