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The ATO Cast is a compact, professional-grade induction vacuum casting furnace crafted to reach the highest feedstock purity. Designed for both research and production, it offers users the unique capability to design and cast their own castings from a wide range of alloys.

Ato Cast

With its emphasis on reducing material contamination to the bare minimum, the ATO Cast

ensures that the chemical integrity of materials is preserved, making it an essential tool

for material engineers exploring the vast horizons of alloy possibilities.



For businesses trying to manage the latest technology requirements within limited spaces, the ATO Cast is the perfect fit. Its small but efficient design ensures that labs or factories with space issues can still access high-quality casting functions, making it valuable for maximizing workspace.

Sustainability through Circular Manufacturing

One of the most transformative benefits of the ATO Cast is its alignment with sustainable practices in Additive Manufacturing. Instead of viewing production remnants or scraps as waste, users have the power to reuse them into the production cycle. By allowing for the re-casting of Additive Manufacturing scrap, the ATO Cast promotes a circular manufacturing loop. This not only reduces material wastage and associated costs but also significantly diminishes the environmental footprint of the production process. In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability, this capability positions ATO Cast users at the forefront of eco-friendly manufacturing and showcases a commitment to responsible production.

Highest Material Quality

The built-in resistance furnace for pre-melting purification accentuates the commitment to purity. By ensuring that rods are cast only from the highest quality, purified material, the ATO Cast elevates the overall quality of the end product and meets the desired standards.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Being an integral part of the ATO Technology ecosystem, the ATO Cast ensures a harmonious workflow between various ATO machines. This integration translates to fewer operational hitches, more streamlined processes, and overall enhanced productivity, especially crucial for high-paced research and production environments.

User focused

The intuitive touchscreen control panel, paired with user-friendly software, ensures that operators can achieve optimal performance with minimal training. This not only reduces onboarding time but also minimizes the chances of human error, leading to consistent high-quality casting outcomes.

Autonomy in Material Selection

Casting rods in-house from any alloy provides flexibility, speeds up research and production, and encourages innovation by avoiding external supply chain delays.