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Wire Feeding System

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WFS is your go-to solution for wire-feeding systems capable of handling an array of reactive and non-reactive materials. Wire Feeding System available with a basic ATO configuration opens the door to unparalleled flexibility, productivity, and atomization process automatization.

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Most efficient, continues and stable process

Adaptable with available wires on the welding market

Automized process of atomization with optimized parameters

Long Spool Compatibility

WFS enables the use of extended wire spools, reducing the need for frequent spool changes. This results in increased productivity, allowing for focus on producing top-quality spherical powder.

Automated Processes

Incorporate WFS into your production for seamless automation. The ATO, along with its wire feeding system, enhances modern automation, streamlining operations and reducing labor costs.

Enhanced Productivity

WFS's extended wire spool capacity minimizes interruptions, enabling your team to work more efficiently without frequent disruptions.

Durable and Reliable

Constructed using top-tier materials and cutting-edge engineering, WFS is specifically engineered to endure the demands of continuous use.