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The ATO atomizers configuration is flexible and based on a patented ultrasonic atomization technology. The system can be easily customized to meet the individual needs of the customer. ATO is a modular system with the future potential to operate with sets of many units in an interconnected network. 

ATO Cast

The ATO Cast is a compact, professional-grade induction vacuum casting furnace crafted to reach the highest feedstock purity. Designed for both research and production, it offers users the unique capability to design and cast their own castings from a wide range of alloys.

ATO Clean

ATO Clean ultrasonic cleaner is a highly recommended solution for use with ATO series, offering an efficient and hands-free cleaning procedure for the atomizer components that come into contact with powder particles during the atomization process.

ATO Sieve

The ATO Sieve is a compact, mobile, and user-friendly powder sieving station designed for metal Additive Manufacturing. With minimal space requirements, it seamlessly integrates into standard laboratory settings. This device facilitates swift and efficient sieving of small powder batches.