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Aluminum 4047 atomized metal powder analysis

This material report is prepared to share with you ATO Technology powders quality and provide detailed analysis of Aluminum 4047 powder atomized with our ATO Lab Plus ultrasonic metal atomizer.

Access the Aluminum 4047 Material Analysis to comprehend why powders manufactured with ATO Technology represent the forefront of materials for Additive Manufacturing. Advance your manufacturing capabilities by utilizing materials that redefine industry benchmarks for quality and performance.


Particle Size Distribution

The report delineates the Particle Size Distribution (PSD) of metal powder, emphasizing its pivotal role in optimizing print density and surface finish.

Oxygen level

The analysis details the oxygen concentration within the powder, underscoring the material's purity facilitated by ATO Technology.

SEM powder photos

High-resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) images provide a visual exploration of powder's morphology.

Chemical Composition

The report examines the chemical composition of powder. It highlights the elemental purity and consistency of the alloy, asserting the strategic advantage of utilizing materials developed with a focus on achieving exacting performance criteria.


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