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Flexible Powder Production for Additive Manufacturing of Refractory Metal-Based Alloys

Discover the intricacies of metal powder production for additive manufacturing with our in-depth article. Dive into the innovative ultrasonic atomization (UA) process that offers flexibility in alloy composition and is ideal for producing refractory metal-based alloys. Compare it with the industrial electrode induction gas atomization (EIGA) process, and explore how these methods affect the size distribution, sphericity, microstructure, and chemical composition of the powders. This article is a treasure trove for those keen on understanding the cutting-edge technologies in powder production for additive manufacturing.


Revolutionizing Additive Manufacturing

How can the ultrasonic atomization (UA) process revolutionize the additive manufacturing industry by providing flexibility in alloy composition and producing high-quality metal powders?

Challenges in Producing Refractory Metal-Based Alloys

What are the unique challenges in producing refractory metal-based alloy powders, and how do the UA and EIGA processes address these challenges?

Future of Alloy Development

With the advent of UA and EIGA processes, what could be the future prospects in alloy development for powder bed fusion additive manufacturing, and how can these technologies be further optimized for large-scale production?


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