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HIP, PPS, SPS Standard Particle Size Distribution
1 50 μm

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), Powder Plasticization Sintering (PPS), and Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) are three metal powder technologies that use heat and pressure to consolidate metal powders into solid parts. These techniques are particularly useful for producing parts with high density, strength, and dimensional accuracy. 

In addition to the metal powder technologies featured on our website, there are many other innovative methods that use metal powders to produce high-quality parts and components. These technologies include a range of advanced additive manufacturing techniques as well as more traditional manufacturing methods that incorporate metal powders to improve performance and efficiency. Some examples of these technologies include metal foam production and melt spinning, among others. By using metal powders as a key material in these various manufacturing processes, engineers and manufacturers can achieve exceptional precision, strength and reliability in their products, helping to push the boundaries of what is possible in modern manufacturing. 


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Metal powders are widely used in various industries, including additive manufacturing, metallurgy, and coatings. The particle size distribution (PSD) of metal powders plays a crucial role in determining the final properties of the end product.
Different metal powder technologies are available with varying PSDs to cater to specific applications.

Technologies PSD comparison

* The diagrams show actual atomization results of 316L stainless steel using various ultrasonic frequency systems. Results may vary based on feed materials, properties, spray parameters, process conditions and other variables.