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Blog AZTERLAN - Inventing surface conditioning and optimization technology

AZTERLAN - Inventing surface conditioning and optimization technology

Case study Metallurgy

AZTERLAN has developed and patented a method to improve the surface of iron components. This innovative approach, targeted at improving their resistance to wear and corrosion, is named to revolutionize castings production by applying metal powders on their surface. This innovation expands the possibilities for developing high performance components manufactured using common materials. Technology is based on preparing the surface of the component (substrate) to facilitate the subsequent application of surface coatings by means of laser technologies.


AZTERLAN is a leading research center specialized in metallurgy and the transformation of metallic materials. The center's mission is to redefine metallurgy, aiming at creating more effective, efficient, and sustainable manufacturing processes. AZTERLAN's R&D activities support industries that design, manufacture, and use metallic materials and components, helping optimize product and process performance. The center's capabilities include materials and processes simulation and modelling, ad-hoc alloy production, metal powder atomization, artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, comprehensive characterization and testing capacities.



It has been a significant challenge in materials science to produce components that respond well to wear and corrosion. Traditional methods to overcome this issue often involve the use of expensive and scarce materials, limiting the production of certain components. To overcome this limitation, metal powders and additive technologies offer an important field of action by making it possible to add a protective layer made of a higher performant alloy on their surface. Nevertheless, when it comes to iron castings, it is not possible to apply laser technologies directly on their surface without negatively affecting their surface (porosities, carbides, burnt areas).  



AZTERLAN has developed and patented an iron casting surface enhancement technology. This solution focuses on the preconditioning of the substrate surface for subsequent surface coatings by means of LMD technologies.

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